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Get only a certain line out of a huge file in linux

Assuming you need lines 32 to 34 out of a large file. using awk awk 'FNR>=32 && FNR<=34' <nameofthefile> using sed sed -n '32,34p;45q' <nameofthefile>

Nagwin free Edition for easy Monitoring at home

After I had set up everything at home, I wanted to transfer the whole thing into a simple monitoring system like Nagios for the fun of it. Unfortunately, I used the Raspberry Pi for the UniFi contr...

D-Link DGS-1216T Host down but Webinterface is still available

Solved it No ICMP, ping echo Go to Configuration -> Power Saving -> Disable Power Saving

The UniFi Controller 6.1.71 died with a Java Error

What I did before I imaged the raspberry Pi with an minimal debian 10 32 bit, then I used this cool installer I have found in the world wide web.

Private endpoint should be enabled for Azure MariaDB servers

Private endpoint should be enabled for Azure MariaDB servers

AKS and Policy Insights

Activate Policy Insights az provider register --namespace Microsoft.PolicyInsights Check AKS Kubernetes Version It must be at least 1.14 az aks list | grep kubernetesVersion Check Azure CLI Ver...

Set static hostname on Unifi USG using the CLI

Set the mapping configure set system static-host-mapping host-name inet set system static-host-mapping host-name alias boltthrower commit save ...

Port forwarding in Windows

I’ve been messing around with Jekyll for a bit and was wondering how I could get port forwarding to work under Windows, so that I could access port 4000 gracefully via port 80. here we go to start...

Hosting a static website on GCP

I actually wanted to use blob storage with Azure, but they wouldn’t accept a billing account with PayPal as a payment method, so I decided to use Google. What do we need or don’t need A Google...

Requested operation is not valid: cannot set autostart for transient network

virsh net-autostart networkname leads to the above mentioned Error Message. The solution is stupid but it works… virsh net-edit networkname go to the end and add some empty lines, save the file a...