I just bought the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Kit and start setting up the first encounter, the Goblin Ambush. For this I have created this little cobbled street.

goblin-ambush goblin-ambush goblin-ambush

of course some Trees and thoses cliffs described in the Encounter, where the Goblins hide.


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I'd like to design my own Modular Dungeon System, but it should be possible to have this system compatible with games like Frostgrave but also Descent, Sword & Sorcery or Massive Darkness. Bottom plates like TWS made of MDF, but I'm not sure how I get maximum modularity. Version 1 just as TWS does, but then each module is 30x30cm or varia...

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The Taverne

I am getting thirsty, let's finish this Foam house in the next Step.

tavern0 tavern1 tavern2 tavern3 tavern4 tavern5

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The Chapel as well as the Zombie Hot Dog Takeaway have been slightly updated.

The Chapel

chapel1 chapel2 chapel3

Zombie Hot Dog Takeaway


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It took me about 8 hours to paint these 64 miniatures, which were in the box of Zombicide Episode 1. Things I needed for that were out of patience:

  • A Primer from The Army Painter - Necrotic Flesh
  • For the bases, Modeling scree and grass and simple craft glue.
  • Brushes brush and one two thin and fine brushes
  • Acrylic-based inks designed specifically for painting such miniatures, also from The Army Painter, as well as ordinary acrylic paints.
  • A Deep Shader

Most of my Army Painter colors are from the Zombicide Warpaints Package.

image01 image02 image03

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